Summer 2009

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Say cheese !

Smile !!!

Say Fireworks !


Theirs slight difference in this picture from the last.

I'm in my lawn chair, badadadadadobashowa !

Lullaby, Lullaby go to sleep,little baby.

That's a comfortable position.

''Go get me a slushy or I will kick you with my glowing feet.''

''Garrett, pay attention, I'm going to show you how to light this thing.'' Jason said

My precious ! MY PRECIOUS !!!

Do not disturb the grizzly bear, or he will take away your blankets.

Christopher, Shawntay, and Siara. Awesome.

''Go get me a slushy, if you don't, I'll kick you with my glowing feet."

In the first corner with the colorful trousers, are the fireworks. In the other corner is the Poyfair and Fawson family which is big, crazy, and mighty !

Kian was terrified of the fireworks! He cried almost the whole time. (Nice huge tummy shot, thanks Garrett!)

''With terror in my eyes, I told my family that I was ready to go.''

Uncle David and Tate. Aren't they handsome.

Ohh, say can you see, the Poyfair family. We're as crazy as can be.


Tyler's crazy for gloesticks. . . well, I guess we all are !

Happy 4th of July!! It was fun to celebrate the 4th in Grantsville, Utah this year. They have a parade in the morning, carnival in the afternoon, and a fireworks display at night. This is Kian with cousin Tate.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Celeste opening her birthday presents.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

May 31, 2010---Celeste's 4th birthday!!
We were able to celebrate Celeste's birthday with Dane's family in Tyler, Texas over Memorial Day weekend. Celeste mixed, frosted, and decorated her cake. She fell in love with Shawn and Janet's little puppy. How did our little girl grow up so fast??